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Rashida Petronilia, from CINEX, shared invaluable insights on Curaçao's investment landscape during our session. Her information reinvigorated our optimism for the future of our beautiful island.

CINEX stands ready to assist you in your Curaçao investments. Don't hesitate to contact Rashida with your inquiries at [email protected], and please mention your connection to the CURACAO Business Network so we can track enquiries from our community!



Joost Houtsma and Nick Vervoord of RE/MAX Curaçao shared insights on real estate tax options, property acquisition structures, and the latest local market trends.

Connect with them for questions or meet them at their Caracasbaaiweg office for a coffee chat and please mention your connection to the CURACAO Business Network so we can track enquiries from our community!!


Nick Vervoord
[email protected] 
 Joost Houtsma
[email protected] 

Carlton Legrand from RapidPay shared valuable insights on E-Commerce payment solutions in Curaçao.

Connect with Carlton for questions and please mention your connection to the CURACAO Business Network so we can track enquiries from our community!!


Carlton Legrand
[email protected] 


Our November virtual gathering (the last one for 2024) was centered around creating a sense of community, fostering connections, and embracing the collective journey of celebrating wins, addressing challenges, and setting goals for 2024. Networking holds immense power in the realm of business, but to truly grasp its benefits, you need to be present. A heartfelt thank you to each attendee for your presence and openness in sharing.

From last night's session, the profound realization emerged that the true value of these events goes beyond just building relationships and showcasing our businesses. It extends to the inspiration and motivation we draw from the shared energy in the room. To everyone catching the replay, your thoughts and insights are invaluable, and I would love to hear from you.

As we look ahead, I'm genuinely excited to witness the incredible opportunities that await our community in the coming year. Wishing each one of you all the best for the year-end and beyond. Stay safe, and with lots of genuine care and love, Suzette

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