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About Us

No matter where we stand in our business endeavors, our shared human inclination to connect remains constant.
While each of us is on a distinct entrepreneurial path, the universal need for meaningful relationships and connections persists.

Why CURACAO Business Network?

Moving to a new country, though a thrilling choice, brings forth formidable challenges.

Among them, surmounting language barriers stands prominent.

My journey began almost four years ago in Curaçao, where I aspired to find a community that, if not in my mother tongue of Afrikaans, could at least engage in English, my second language.

Not long after arriving, I established a Facebook group for expats and visitors. Over time, this community flourished, particularly with a growing number of members from English-speaking nations.

Eager to integrate further into island life, I sought out a local networking community.

Finding none, I recognized the cue to start my own community ‚Äď a venture guided by the principle "if you build it, they will come."¬†

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Our Vision

The CURACAO Business Network aims to foster a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals, whilst encouraging and supporting foreign investors and start-up businesses.

By bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations, we aim to create a platform where ideas, knowledge, and opportunities can be shared, fostering growth and innovation in our local economy.

Our Mission

The CURACAO Business Network strives to empower local businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and welcome foreign investors and start-ups.

We unite and foster a dynamic business ecosystem, promoting growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Through networking, education, mentorship, and resources, we support our members, encourage entrepreneurship, and create a thriving local community.

Together, we inspire innovation and attract foreign investment, ensuring the prosperity of Curaçao.

Our Purpose

At the CURACAO Business Network, our purpose is to fuel Curaçao's business success.

We create an inclusive ecosystem, fostering local talent and attracting global investments.

Our core purpose is to connect like-minded individuals and organizations for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and empowerment.

We also uphold ethical practices, diversity, and inclusion, aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Together, we shape Curaçao's business future for lasting success in our community.

Our Values

 These core values shape the foundation of the CURACAO Business Network, guiding our actions, interactions, and decision-making processes.

Together, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration for the benefit of all our members and the broader community.

Justice and Fairness

Justice and Fairness

At the CURACAO Business Network, we strongly believe in justice and fairness.

We promote equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusivity, ensuring that all members of our network are treated with fairness and respect.

We advocate for ethical business practices and strive to create a level playing field for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.



We cultivate a culture of gratitude within our network, recognizing and appreciating the contributions and successes of our members.

We encourage an attitude of appreciation and express gratitude for the support, collaborations, and opportunities that arise from our network.

By fostering an environment of gratitude, we aim to inspire a positive and supportive atmosphere for all.



Leadership is a core value that we uphold.

We encourage and nurture leadership qualities among our members, empowering them to take initiative, make a positive impact, and drive change within their respective industries.

We provide opportunities for leadership development, mentorship, and networking to help our members thrive as influential leaders in their fields.

Acceptance of all

Acceptance of All

We cultivate a non-judgmental and open-minded environment, respecting diverse perspectives and encouraging constructive dialogue and collaboration.

Our safe space allows members to freely share their ideas, experiences, and challenges without fear of judgment.

We foster a culture of understanding, empathy, and growth.

Help and Kindness

Help and Kindness

Help and kindness is at the heart of our values.

We encourage acts of kindness and support among our members, recognizing that by helping one another, we collectively strengthen the business community.

We actively promote a culture of generosity, where members are encouraged to lend a helping hand, share knowledge, and support each other's growth and success.

Our Goals are Ambitious But Achievable


Hi, I am Suzette

My unwavering belief in the power of connection, my multi-dimensional expertise and multi-passionate personality, and my commitment to empowering others have been the driving forces behind my journey as a Women's Self-Awareness Coach and the founder of I Am Life Coach and CURACAO Business Network.

Hailing from South Africa, my life has been a tapestry of colorful experiences, from being a single mother to embarking on diverse careers spanning administration, sales, compliance, finance, and leadership roles.

Driven by my passion for personal growth and making a positive impact, I took the leap into the coaching world a year ago, establishing my coaching business online.  My coaching practice revolves around empowering others and facilitating personal transformation. Drawing from my diverse background and experiences, I guide individuals in discovering their true potential, cultivating self-awareness, and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Ever since I arrived as an expat on the vibrant island of Curaçao, I felt a strong need for English-speaking individuals to connect and have a platform to connect, share information, and share their experiences.

Inspired by the belief that "if you build it, they will come," I founded the CURACAO Business Network, a much-needed platform that brings together like-minded individuals and fosters a sense of community on the island. Where individuals can come together, share information and opportunities, and exchange experiences.  In English.

I strive to create an environment where every individual feels supported, inspired, and capable of achieving their dreams. Together, we will embark on a journey of growth, self-discovery, and transformation, unlocking the boundless potential that lies within each of us.


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