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Why Join the

CURACAO Business Network?

Your gateway to a vibrant and supportive ecosystem that connects local businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Together, we foster growth, inspire innovation, and empower you to reach new heights in the dynamic landscape of Curaçao's economy. 

We believe that the CURACAO Business Network has the potential to become the bridge connecting English speaking expats, nomads and foreign investors with local business, government, and supporting government organizations. 

Through these connections and by providing this bridge the opportunities become limitless, and together we will be in a position to create a thriving economy.

  • Expand Your Network -¬†Connect with a diverse, supportive community of like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential collaborators to unlock endless opportunities for growth and success, whilst providing mentorship and celebrating your achievements
  • Exclusive Events and Workshops -¬†gain access to a curated selection of networking events, workshops, and conferences designed to ignite inspiration, provide valuable insights, and facilitate meaningful connections
  • Resource Hub for Success - Explore our comprehensive resource center packed with tools, guides, and educational materials to equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the competitive business landscape
  • Business Directory and Collaboration Opportunities -¬†Showcase your business profile, explore potential partnerships, and collaborate with fellow members through our online directory, fostering a supportive environment for innovation and collaboration

Monthly Virtual Networking Sessions

Come and showcase your elevator pitch during our structured, vibrant, and fun networking sessions happening every month.  Hear from experts around topics of interest.

Exclusive Events and Workshops Virtual and Live

Our vast network provides us with access to knowledge on all events taking place throughout the year.  We further have access to experts providing workshops on various business related topics.

Resource Hub Packed with Information and Tools 

Explore our comprehensive resource center packed with everything you need to do business in Curaçao, whether you are currently running your own business, or considering a move to Curaçao, we have you covered.

Business Directory and Collaboration Opportunities

Our current member base consists of an exciting mix of local businesses as well as foreign businesses (UK, US, Canada, Holland, etc), and foreigners from these countries interested in investing in and immigrating to Curaçao.


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